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Intermediate Guitar

Intermediate Guitar

This class is intended for students grades 9-12 who have (1) successfully completed the Beginning Guitar class offered at Norris, or (2) have at least six months or more experience playing guitar. The class will cover middle level concepts of playing guitar, with focus on intermediate chords and melodic ideas.

Requirements: This class is available to any student grades 9-12, regardless of musical background and training, who (1) have completed the Beginning Guitar class, or (2) have at least six months experience playing guitar and have permission from the instructor (Dr. Lee). Students must provide their own instrument (acoustic only) and must purchase a method book provided by the course ($30).

Scope and sequence: Intermediate guitar will cover more advanced guitar playing concepts than the beginning guitar class, including intermediate chord voicing and intermediate scale patterns for more advanced melodic playing. Other discussion points will cover creating improvised guitar solos, working in the context of a band, care of the instrument, purchasing new equipment, and songwriting.