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Guitar Ensemble

Guitar Ensemble

This class is offered as a class for students who wish to learn how to play the guitar. Students will learn skills through both individual playing and practice as well as in a group setting through the guitar ensemble. This class is designed as a recurring class so students may participate in guitar on a semester or yearly basis. 

Requirements: This class is available to any student from grade 9-12, regardless of music background, training, or experience level. Students must have their own guitar (acoustic only) and must purchase a method book provided through the class ($30). Ensemble music will be provided at no cost to the students and will be tailored to the skill level of the individual.

Scope and sequence:  Guitar class will cover basic and intermediate chords, including open and barre chords. Students will also learn basic scale patterns for melodic content. Discussions will also include basic maintenance of the guitar, changing strings, tuning, choosing equipment, and group playing (working in the context of a band). The group will perform at school concerts.