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Part time kitchen utility worker (3 hours a day); Full time head cook (7 1/2 hours a day)

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Animal Science I

Animal Science I

Student experiences will involve the study of animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, reproduction, health, selection, and marketing.

Students will explore hands-on projects and activities to learn the characteristics of animal science and work on major projects and problems similar to those that animal science specialists, such as veterinarians, zoologists, livestock producers, and industry personnel, face in their respective careers. 

This is a class for students interested in careers in animal science.  Animal science topic areas include: livestock husbandry, health, feeding, breeding, marketing, and evaluation. A major emphasis of the class will be in livestock management skills necessary to care for animals and work in the livestock industry.

Pippin, Dr. Jones' cocker spaniel, will be a regular guest in the classroom as he completed his Canine Good Citizen training in January 2021.