Advanced Welding

Advanced Welding

Advanced Welding is a more in-depth study of the field of Welding.  Welding applications will include Advanced Stick Electrode Arc Welding.  Advanced Oxy-Acetylene welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Basic Cutting Techniques.  A review of basic welding in a flat position, shop safety (both general and specifically for the welding shop), basic bronze welding techniques, and basic metallurgy will be discussed.  The student should have good basic skills before taking the course.  The students will be required to have a pair of safety glasses, welding gloves, and provide appropriate protective clothing suitable for welding.  Students will be required to complete a number of weld samples as assigned by the instructor.    

Maximum enrollment = 14.

Pre-Requisite--Into to Welding, It is recommended that a student earned a minimum of a "B" in Intro to Welding to enroll in this course

**Advanced welding required to take Plasma Cam Design   NOTE:  Students may take Advanced Welding ONCE.