Kitchen Help Wanted!

Part time kitchen utility worker (3 hours a day); Full time head cook (7 1/2 hours a day)

Contact Mel Maendele at to discuss.

Norris Middle School


May 9th, 2023 (A)

**All middle school girls who are helping with the elementary volleyball camp, please meet in the middle school gym after school.**

HAL:  6,7,8 HAL STUDENTS today: sign language or sudoku races

ALL Students

  • 8th Graders, you will need to wear your Student Badges on Friday for 

STEP UP DAY when you head to the H.S.  Greatly Appreciated!

  • Here are the school records that were broken this year during track season:

4X400  3:51.31  Beckett Behrends, Ty Bednar, Wynton Krenzien, Evan Greenfield

400M  1:02.02  Avery Ebke

800M  2:29.40  Lydia Dominy

4X400  4:33.00  Lydia Dominy, Shaylee Fix, Loryn Piening, Avery Ebke

Chromebook Repair Fines

If you have incurred a fine from damage to your chromebook, you must pay the fine by the end of this week to maintain possession of your chromebook.  Friday afternoon, we will reclaim the loaner chromebooks used while personal chromebooks are out for repair.  You will be without a school issued device until you make payment for your damages. 

Technology announcements:

6th and 7th Grade MS Students - We will not be checking in Chromebooks over the summer.  If you have any equipment issues with your Chromebook, please stop by the Middle School Library  as soon as possible to get those repairs done prior to the end of the school year. (Any screen cracks, screen detachments, plastic cracks/breaks, etc… need to be fixed ASAP.) This will also make sure you have a usable Chromebook for over the summer. (Remember to take good care of your Chromebook, you will be able to purchase these at a discounted price when you graduate.) If you are planning on leaving the district, please check in your Chromebook prior to leaving.

Since this is a school-issued device, remember that all internet and other device usages will continue to be monitored over the summer and addressed with school administration and parents.  Please keep the devices charged over the summer. Letting devices sit with a dead battery will ruin your device.


8th grade students (Or any student leaving the district.) - You will be checking in your Chromebook before the end of the school year on Friday, May 19th. We will start this process of turning in Chromebooks on Thursday, May 18th. You will need to have your Chromebook (With stylus) and charger in proper working order and ready for check in on that day.  If you have any damages to the Chromebook or charger (Or missing your Stylus.)  make sure you get these repaired ASAP by visiting the MS Media Center.  Any damages that are not fixed before the 18th will be assessed an additional late damage fee of $10  (in addition to the cost of repairs). Avoid the extra fee by getting your device repaired ASAP!

If you have any fines going into your freshman year from not paying for a damaged Middle School Unit, you will not receive a High School Chromebook until it is resolved. If you are leaving the district, your records will not be released to your new school until fees are paid. 

  • As we draw near to the end of the school year, we have noticed many students are not using their locks on their lockers.  The lock must be on your locker and turned in on Locker clear out day or you owe $10.

  • Meeting during WIN on Wednesday May 10th for all 8th graders (BOYS & GIRLS) interested in playing Golf in high school in Mr. Myers classroom (404). 


  • Please look for your lost library books!  All books are due May 12


  • 8th Graders:  Interested in leading your classmates? Helping our school and community become stronger and keep moving forward?  Consider Norris Student Council for next year in high school!  

Tuesday, May 9, 2023  - Council and Class Officers announced at the end of school day.

Wednesday, May 10 - Student Council meeting for those selected in W-6 in the high school, 7:45 am.

  • 2023 Norris Softball Camp - May 30th, 31st and June 1st

    • 6th-8th graders - 400-530pm @ the Norris HS Softball field

    • $45 - camp + t-shirt (make checks payable to Norris HS Softball)

      • Bring back to school in envelope w/name on it

    • Sign up - - due May 10th (signups after 5/10 are welcome, but will not receive a t-shirt)

    • Bring - shoes/cleats, glove, bat, helmet, water bottle, and fielder’s mask

    • See Mrs Sobotka with ?

  •  Wednesday May 10th during WIN there will be a meeting for all 8th graders (boys and girls) interested in playing golf in high school in Mr. Myers Classroom.

  • Please grab your items out of Lost & Found!

  • THE LION KING, JR., our 2023 middle school musical.  The performances will take place on Friday, May 12 at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  Reserved Seat Tickets will be available online beginning sometime in April.  General admission tickets (remaining tickets) will be available at the door 30 minutes before each show.  Click theLINK to view the cast list!  Ticket Link: --

Counselor Connection

10 Keys to Middle School Success!

#1 - Sleep Well - 8-10 hours a night!

#2 - Eat Right - Healthy and balanced meals give your body and mind energy!

#3 - Do your Homework - Make it a habit to do your homework each night!

#4 - Pay attention in Class - Focus and use class time wisely!

#5 - Get Involved - If you are involved, you will do well inside and outside of school!

#6 - Think Positive - You CAN do whatever you put your mind to!

#7 - Ask for Help - There are adults at school who are ready and willing to help YOU!

#8 - Stay Organized - A little organization goes a LONG way to help you be successful!

#9 - Make Goals - Give yourself something to work towards and stick with it!

#10 - Take Risks - Be brave and be YOU!  Try something new


Classic Cafe: BBQ Rib Sandwich, Steamed Corn, Kettle Chips

Pizza:  Cheese, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grab & Go:  Turkey BLT Wrap, Crispy Chicken Salad

Tuesday, May 9, 2023