Norris Middle School


Wednesday,  Feb. 15th,  2023 (A Day)

ALL Students:

  • If you have a loaner chromebook and have a fine to pay, please remind your parents and bring in your fine payment. All loaners will be returned to the library February 24 if fines are not paid. You will not have a chromebook to use during school.

  • The Weather is changing this week, grab your jackets out of Lost ‘n Found, as well as your water bottle and lunch sacks.

  • Reminder:  Ride your bus only, no riding someone else's bus for social activity or school activities.

  • Colorguard Clinic is coming!!! Learn to spin a flag, toss a rifle. Sign up sheets are in the library and MS office.

  • Get ready for Change Wars! The event will begin on Valentine's Day, February 14th, and go through Saint Paddy's Day (March 17th)


    • 2/14/23-New shooters ONLY at the trap house

    • 2/16/23-Trap practice begins for the season

    • MS shooters-shoot Monday and Thursday

    • HS shooters-shoot Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


  • Library Badges - If a student forgets their badge, we will send them to get it.  Those badges need to be ready to be used on the bus.

  • Only one day left! If you are thinking of enrolling in the Eastern Seaboard Trip in June, you must be signed up by Friday at 11:59 pm! Saturday is too late. See Mr. Kranz for details or if you have questions about the tri

  • Thinking about a summer job? NATS Detasseling opens their applications up on March 1 for the summer 2023 detasseling season. 

    • Information is on a poster hanging outside of Mrs. Sobotka’s office.

    • You have to be 13 by July 1. 

    • Great way to make money as a MS student!

    • Added Bonus - every NATS employee also receives a 25% discount on ACT prep with John Baylor Test Prep's OnToCollege, which can cost up to $400!


  • Weird schedule this week. (Feb 14-17) Tuesday all HAL students 6-8W/TH NO HAL  

  • Friday only those 8th grade students who received the invitation. 12:45 to 3:30


Classic Cafe:  Walking Taco, Spiced Black Beans

Diner:  Hamburger or Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Grab & Go: Turkey BLT Wrap, Crispy Chicken Salad

Counselor Connection

National Random Acts of Kindness Week is here!

Do you want to make a difference? When completing a random act of kindness, there is no guarantee of getting anything in return.  But actis of “altruism” are known to improve mental health!  You will get a buzz from doing something nice for someone else.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Hold the door open for a peer.

  2. Let someone else go in front of you in line.

  3. Help a friend who needs help on their homework.

  4. Clean up a mess you didn’t make.

  5. Pick up trash or pencils you see on the hallway floors.

  6. Ask a teacher if you can help them with anything.

  7. Clean your room!

  8. Offer to tidy up a room at home.

  9. Write your teacher a note or a poem about why you like them or their class.

  10. Tell someone a joke to cheer them up if they’re feeding sad.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023