Norris Middle School


Tuesday,  November 22nd,  2022 (B Day)


ALL Students:

  • Just a reminder that both games, 7th-Grade and 8th-Grade, tomorrow are at Lincoln Christian. The 7th-Grade game will start at 6:00 pm and the 8th-Grade game will start after the 7th-Grade game, roughly 7:15ish...

  • Please DO NOT use the Commons extra all glass doors when leaving the building unless it is an emergency.  If you notice the front doors are double doors in order to keep the cold weather out of the building.  Thank you!

  • BAND news

    • The Norris Band is doing an awesome fundraiser to earn $$ for  their trip to Boston next year!  There is Norris branded drinkware as well as HUNDREDS of others.

    • Give a look and if you purchase something select your favorite band member's name at checkout, or donate to the general band. 

These will direct the ship to your home with shipping included in the item price.  They will arrive in time for Christmas!!

Fundraiser ends Saturday November don't delay!  Be sure to share this with friends, family and the community!!

  • Library

    • Sign up for our Chess Tournament. All students are invited. It begins after Thanksgiving Break Four brackets and teachers can enter too!


    • Quiz Bowl Championship is beginning training for our season on November 3rd in Mr. K’s Classroom (Room 303) in the purple hallway. 

  • What are you thankful for? Come to the library to fill out a leaf for our tree.

  • CHECK OUT THE LINCOLNKIDSWinter Issue - it’s full of fun activities, ideas to keep you busy. The weather is cool and so find things to do indoors.

  • Broadcast and Video Production - Are you interested in sports, using video equipment and computers? Can you imagine yourself working for ESPN or Husker Vision someday?  We are looking for students to help broadcast sporting events on Youtube and possibly edit game highlights for social media.  We need motivated students that can consistently commit time outside of school (athletic events) to be announcers, camera/replay operators, and video editors.  

  • Craft Club- Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 in room 306 - clay luminaries (candles not included) - Ms Schartz (sponsor)

    • November 29th

  • Ukulele Club will begin again on Wednesday’s after school on December 7 3:30 to 4:30


  • HAL - Sixth grade HAL meets during WIN Thursday in the library - One Minute Short Films

  • Tuesday Book Club:  The Westing Game


  •  HAL - Seventh Grade HAL meets during WIN Thursday in the library - One Minute Short Films


  • HAL  Eighth Grade HAL meets during WIN Mondays and Tuesdays in the library - Chess and Bob Ross

  • Lunch Book Club/Thursdays - The Outsiders


Classic Cafe:  Chicken Bowl

Grab & Go:  Chef Salad

Pizza:  Cheese or Pepperoni

Counselor Connection:

What does a lack of sleep mean for students?

The study discovered that 66% of students who are not getting enough sleep are using social media two hours before bed. When students use their phones that close to bedtime, it can impact their ability to fall asleep and their sleep quality.

Sleep impacts ourmemory, facilitates learning, and reduces stress. When students get enough quality sleep, they are more focused and more likely to have better concentration, leading to stronger academic performance.

Scrolling on Tiktok, watching YouTube videos, or texting friends are fun activities and might seem relaxing. However, it actually stimulates and activates the brain and delays REM sleep, which is essential in helping your brain process new learnings and motor skills for the day and supports healthy brain development.

Not only can using a device too close to bedtime affect students’ REM sleep, but the blue light from phone screens can make it difficult for students to fall asleep in the first place. The blue light mimics daylight, so when you use it at night time, you are tricking your brain and your internal body clock into thinking that it is actually still daytime. Throwing off your circadian rhythm like this can make you feel awake, even if you know it’s time for bed.

Sleep - Jokes!

  • What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? >>>>>>>A dino-snore!

  • Why did the little boy take his bicycle to bed? >>>>>>>Because he didn’t want to walk in his sleep!

  • How can you go without sleep for seven days and not be tired? >>>>>>>Sleep at night!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022