Board of Education vacancy application

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Patty Bentzinger. In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mrs. Bentzinger’s term on the board. The length of the unexpired term is for the same length of time as Ms. Bentzinger would have served on the Board of Education. Interested Applicants must live in Ward 2 to be appointed for the open seat.

Applications can be obtained by emailing or at the Norris School District Administration Office and will be accepted by email ( until noon on February 6. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Brian Maschmann, Superintendent at 402-791-0007

Now Hiring Kitchen Staff

Taher, Inc at Norris School District is now hiring for the kitchen.  30 hours a week.  Please reach out to to inquire further.

Norris Middle School


Monday,  November 7th,  2022 (A Day)

ALL Students:

  • Keep bringing socks this week! Our goal is 1,500 and we are at 183 socks currently. The grade that gets the most socks has a NO-SEATING CHART DAY!

Here are the standings for each grade:

6th: 103 7th: 16 8th: 64

  • Library/HAL Schedule this Week

    • Monday after school: Lego League with UNL engineering students

    • Monday/Tuesday during WIN:  8th HAL invitation by email only

    • Wednesday/Thursday during WIN: 6th and 7th HAL

    • Friday during WIN: Lego Club

    • Thursday and Friday before school: Ukulele Club

  • QUIZ BOWL! NMS’s BACK TO BACK TO BACK TO BACK (There’s probably more) Quiz Bowl Championship is beginning training for our season on November 3rd in Mr. K’s Classroom (Room 303) in the purple hallway. 


  • HAL - Sixth grade and Seventh Grade HAL meets during WIN Wednesday and Thursday in the library

  • Tuesday Book Club:  The Westing Game


  • HAL meets during WIN Wednesday and Thursday in the library


  • HAL  meets during WIN Mondays and Tuesdays in the library

  • Lunch Book Club/Thursdays - Any 8th grader interested in a Lunch Book Club on Thursdays, First lunch, please come see Mrs. Andre in the library for a book and a sticker for your badg

Craft Club- Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 in room 306

The craft of the month is clay luminaries (candles not included) and we will be able to meet 4 days! 

1st, 8th, 16th, 29th

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Schartz


Classic Cafe:  French Toast, Strawberry Topping, Sausage Patty, Potatoes

Grab & Go:  Crispy Chicken Salad, Turkey Deli Sandwich

Diner:  Hamburger or Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Counselor Connection:

How Skipping Sleep Is Hurting YOU!

Why is sleep so important for teen brains? Your brain is undergoing monumental reconstruction and that happens mainly when you are asleep.  Your brain is becoming more integrated and your prefrontal cortex more strongly wired, which is important for helping you mature.

How much sleep should a teen be getting? 9-10 hours(do you get this much?)

What happens if a teen doesn't get enough sleep? Concentration goes down.  Memory and decision-making are affected.  You are more likely to make a poor decision when you haven't gotten enough sleep.

Can you catch up on your sleep on the weekends? Going back and forth between two different sleep schedules is confusing to the brain.  It is called "social jet lag."  (Sleeping until noon on a Saturday does not help you "catch up" on sleep.

What can you do to help yourself? Wake up on weekends within 1-2 hours of your weekday schedule. Create a bedtime routine to help your body begin to shut down and get ready for sleep!  It is recommended you stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. You will be impressed with how quickly you fall asleep and how much better you'll feel the next day!

Sleep - Jokes!

  • What happens if you sleep on your smartphone?  >>>>>>> You download a nap.

  • What is the perfect time for cattle to go to bed? >>>>>>> Pasture bedtime.

  • How do baby bats learn to sleep upside down? >>>>> They slowly get the hang of it.

Monday, November 7, 2022