Norris Middle School


Friday, May 13th (B day)


Clarification:  Students are not to attend the musical without their own parents checking them out and attending with them.  Any questions stop in the office.


8th Grade Track Members turn in your uniforms to Coach Appleby

7th Grade Track Members turn in your uniforms to Coach Korinek


All 8th grade students need to bring their chromebook, charger, and stylus on Monday. Check In begins Monday.


The Library is closed on Thursday first period .  On Monday, May 16 the library will be closed for Chromebook check in. 


8th Grade Football Meeting - Monday, May 16th @ 7:45 am


6th and 7th Graders Football Meeting - Tuesday, May 17th @ 7:45 am


Interested in Leadership - 8th Graders sign up to check it out at 8th grade Step Up Day - they will have a booth.


Good luck to all History Bee participants in the regional competition on Saturday!! 


Here is the list of athletes that will be representing Norris at the MS State Meet on Saturday in Gothenburg!  


Kalli Grummert - 100, Long Jump, Triple Jump

Avery Ebke - 200, 400

Lydia Dominy - 800, 1600

Addi Morgan - 100 Hurdles

Ade Nelson - 100 Hurdles


Luke Findly - 100, 200, 4x100, 4x400

Ryder Reynolds - 400, 4x100, 4x400

Sam Robinson - 1600, 4x400

Noah Waddel - 4x100

Jude Reynolds - 4x100

Evan Greenfield - High Jump, 4x400 



The end of the school year is coming soon - next week.  Time to start taking items you are not using home.  Please check out the Lost ‘n Found to make sure none of the items are yours.


Any 8th grade student who is interested in running high school cross country next fall  If you were unable to make the meeting contact Coach McGill.


Ear Buds will be handled just like the phones.  If found being used they will be confiscated just like cell phones.


If you are leaving the Norris School District and will attend a different school next year, you will need to turn in your chromebook, charger and stylus on May 16, 2022


Middle School Band Concert  

Tuesday, May 17th at 7:00 pm.

What to Wear: Students should try to look professional while performing a concert. Examples of what students should wear: a shirt with a collar (polo, button-down), dress pants, khakis, dark-colored jeans (as long as they don't have holes), a dress that is an appropriate length, dress shoes, or nice/clean tennis shoes. Examples of what not to wear: t-shirts, shorts, sandals, jeans that have holes.


What to Bring: Students need their instrument, band book, and concert music.


Behavior: While being at the high school, students should be either in the band room or the auditorium. Please, no running around or talking, creating distractions during the concert. This was a bit of a problem during our last concert.


Attendance: Students are expected to be at the performance. We have been working hard for this event, and I hope they can show off their work! If an emergency situation comes up and they are not able to make it, please send me an email.



7th Grade Physicals are to be done May 1st or later to qualify 

For the next school year.  This is also true for 7th & 8th Grade Sports. 

2022 Norris Boys Basketball

Individual Summer Camp

Norris Middle School Gym

Cost is $50 per participant

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8)

May 23-25 9:00am-10:30am

Forms are in the Office

Technology announcements:

All  MS Students - We will not be checking in Chromebooks over the summer.  If you have any equipment issues with your Chromebook, please stop by the Middle School Library  as soon as possible to get those repairs done prior to the end of the school year. (Any screen cracks, screen detachments, plastic cracks/breaks, etc… need to be fixed ASAP.) This will also make sure you have a usable Chromebook for over the summer. (Remember to take good care of your Chromebook, you will be able to purchase these at a discounted price when you graduate.) If you are planning on leaving the district, please check in your Chromebook prior to leaving.

Since this is a school-issued device, remember that all internet and other device usages will continue to be monitored over the summer and addressed with school administration and parents.

We encourage you to take out the device protection plan each year! This will save you money with any damages as well as reduce the price of your device should you decide to purchase it. It's well worth the cost! 

8th grade students (Or any student leaving the district.) - You will be checking in your Chromebook before the end of the school year on Wednesday, May 18th. We will start this process of turning in Chromebooks on Monday, May 16th. You will need to have your Chromebook (With stylus) and charger in proper working order and ready for check in on that day.  If you have any damages to the Chromebook or charger (Or missing your Stylus.)  make sure you get these repaired ASAP by visiting the MS Media Center.  Any damages that are not fixed by the 16th will be assessed on the 18th along with a late damage fee of $10.  Avoid the extra fee by getting your device repaired ASAP! 

If you have any fines going into your freshman year from not paying for a damaged Middle School Unit, you will not receive a High School Chromebook until it is resolved.

You will be receiving a new device this fall as you start your freshman year.  At the end of your senior year, you will be able to purchase the device at a large discount, so make sure you take good care of your Chromebook! We encourage all students to take out the protection plan coverage each year on your Chromebook.  All 8th grade students will not have a school issued device over the summer. (We will be offering some Chromebooks for sale in the upcoming weeks, so if you want one over the summer, that may be an option for you. Watch the daily bulletin for announcements concerning Chromebook sales.)  

Lost or damaged badges cost $5.00 / Lanyards - $1 / Plastic Sleeve - $1 - Complete Set - $7


Interested in detasseling?  Wanting to earn some money this summer?

-Must be 14 and older and 5'3" or taller.

-Detasseling season begins anytime after July 1st (average start date is July 7th-12th)

-Excellent opportunity to earn great money in 2-3 weeks and still have time for camps/vacations.

-Last year the top detasseler earned $2340!  Guarantee $9/hour for hours worked - you get paid to ride the bus every day!

-Fun, encouraging supervisors - all are teachers, coaches, or youth leaders! Pickup Sites:      Lincoln Southwest HS        Berean Church (70th/Hwy 2)   Other pickup sites - see website


Interested in applying?  

1. Talk to your parents

2. Go to the website -

3. Complete the application

4.  Attend the drive-thru (pay attention to the photo ID you must bring!)


Calling all future leaders!Make an impact as a mentor and role model as you explore hands-on STEM adventures at Camp Invention. Build friendships, confidence  and leadership skills that prepare you for high school, while gaining hands-on experience working with children and STEM activities. Pricing starts at $145/week. For students entering 7th-9th grade.


Dates:June 20-24, 2022. 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

See Ms. Schartz for more information or visit 


If you are missing any valuable items such a, jewelry, IPods, headphones, or Cellphones the office is always a good place to check. For example - we have a wallet from Friday Nights

Tickets will be $10.  We will let you know when they will be on sale.  DRESS REHEARSAL INFO:  On May 12, 2022, we will be having an important dress rehearsal for all 7th and 8th grade choir members.  This will begin during the last period of the day and finish by 6:30 PM. 


Classic Cafe:  Southwestern Burger, Tater Tots

Grab & Go:  Chef Salad

Diner:  Corn Dog

Friday, May 13, 2022