MS Bulletin


Book Mark Contest!  Come to the Library to get an entry form for the Winter wonderland

Book Mark Contest.  Entries are due December 13th.

There are Super Staff Forms available to nominate any

Norris Middle School Staff as an outstanding Norris Employee.

Forms are available in Ms. Brown’s room (103 - Mrs. Weekly’s old room).   

COME SEE THE SHOW!!  The 5th & 6th Grade Talent Show will be next Monday, Nov. 25th at 7:00 p.m.  The lineup for the show will be posted by noon today in the 6th grade hallway.  It promises to be quite a show!!

Colorguard Clinic Participants!!  Please return your registration forms as soon as possible, so we can get an accurate T-Shirt count for our clinic.  Clinic runs Dec. 2 - 7th, with a performance on Saturday, December 7th.

The Middle School Party is Friday, Tomorrow Night.  For 6th graders, yours goes fro 3:30-5:30, and we will meet in the South Bleachers right at 3:30 for instructions.  We will have a Dodgeball Tourney, starting at 4:30.  You must be there to play.  We will have teams of 7-9 players.  You can bring to Mr. Bade a team, or can enter as an individual and we will create a team.  The night of the party, if you want to play dodgeball, come to the gym at 4:30.  There will be basketball contest in the gym, along with other Hula Hoop and Dice Game contest.  There will be posters hung so you know when each event will take place.  There will be Open Computer Labs, Will Just Dance, Who’s on First” video playing, along with other possible activities.  Pizza ($2 slice), Pop ($1 can), and assorted candy ($1 each) will be available to purchase.

NEON NIGHTS”  This is our theme for this year’s fall dance.  Wear as little or as much neon as you can.  There will be a prize for “Best Dressed” female and male.  The dance is for 7th/8th graders, the time being from 7:00 - 9:00.  Since there are costs involved with the dance, all students are charged $5 for admittance.  Tickets will be on sale out of the concessions Thursday and Friday of this week before school, or you can pay at the door as well on Friday night.  There will be basketball, and mics contests in the gym, along with open play as well.  Open computer labs and Just Dance room will be part of the night.  The dance is held in the commons.  Pizza, pop and candy to purchase.

School Pictures will be handed out at your lunch time on Monday, Dec. 2nd!

CHECK IT OUT!  NEW NORRIS WEARABLES and/or GYM BAG, STOCKING CAP .  The apparel flyer is in the MS Brochure Holder. Generic Logo:  Norris N Titans -= very cool.  Can be worn to support any team, or to be worn anytime.  Orders are due back by Nov. 22nd, with payment.  Make checks payable to Norris.  

2013 Norris Boys Basketball T-Shirt order forms are available in the MS Office Brochure Holder.  Sample of the shirt and towel are on display.  Orders are due back TODAY,  Friday, Nov. 22nd before the Holiday Break.

Norris Wrestling Clothing Forms are available in the MS Office.  

Norris High School Cheerleaders Cheer Clinic will be January, 24th.  Pick up your registration form in the MS Office brochure holder.  Due date:  Friday, December 13th, 2013.  

REMINDER:  If you have a negative lunch balance / or are on Free/Reduce Lunch Program you may get either Grab’n Go or Breakfast , not both.


Grab ‘n Go

Frid.:  Muffin w/Cheese Cubes and juice

Mon.:  Bagel w/Sun Butter and Apple

Tues.:  Cereal w/Yogurt and Banana

Daily Lunch:

Chicken noodle Soup

Friday, November 22, 2013