MS 5-17 Bulletin

The school year is coming to a close. So, what's that mean … MS YEARBOOKS! The books will be pre-sold

again on Monday for $8.00 at the concession stand 8:00 – 8:30 am. Books will be handed out on Monday.

Coach Cullison is selling Championship Baseball T-Shirts. Stop by his room – 307 if you are interested.


Those students wanting to submit Playground Plans – meeting today at 3:00 p.m. For all grades. Last Call!

All Band Instruments must go home TODAY if they are still at school.


Students – Time to pick up any meds you have had stored in the nurses office: Inhaler, allergy meds, tylenol, seasonal meds etc. now is the time to due so. If you aren't sure check with nurse chris.

There will be a meeting Friday during LITT for any one grade 6 – 8 that is interested in wrestling next year.

Time to think about FINISHING STRONG! Show yourself that you are worth it! Get in those missing assignments, study hard and do well on these last few test, be organized, start to take home what is yours that you won't need in the next three days like lunch sacks that have been sitting around, items from Lost 'n Found, PE Clothes if you don't have PE again this year.

Good Luck to BJ Gould. BJ will be participating in the Special Olympics State Track meet this coming Saturday. GOOD LUCK BJ!!!

One more chance to meeting with the coaches. 6th & 7th Grade Football Players: Want to Play Football Next Year??? There will be a short meeting at the beginning of LITT on TODAY for all those interested in participating in Titan Football.

Want to improve your speed and football quickness? Six camps available – check them out. The flier is going home in the 5th grade Thursday Folders, and the rest of you can pick one up in the MS Brochure Holder.

Boys entering grades 6th, 7th, & 8th grade there is a Norris Titans Baseball Camp offered May 22nd thru May 24th. Check It Out – registration forms are available in the MS Office Brochure Holder.

8th Grade Football players entering into 9th grade there will be Football Camp in July. July 8 – 11th, 9:30 – 12:00 at the Norris High School Football Practice Field. Cost is $40 – register by June 24th. Pick up a registration form in the MS Office Brochure Holder.

Lady Titan Softball Camp is scheduled for May 28, 29, 30th at the Norris Park Softball Field for Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8th (Current School Year) 4 – 5:30 pm. Pick up a registration form in the MS Office Brochure Holder

Who wears Short Shorts – have you heard that song. Well we DON'T wear short shorts. Reminder to follow dress code – refer to your planner if you have questions. Biggest issue is long enough shorts and skirts and straps on shirts must be at least 2” wide with no bra straps showing. Slippers are not to be worn as shoes. Please be respectful to yourself.

The human tongue can do so much damage. We must be ever mindful and not speak critically and beware of our actions. A lot of what we say is probably best left unsaid. If you have been bullied or witnessed another student being bullied, immediately report this to a staff member, Mrs. Rupert or Mrs.

Tracy. Thank you for helping to make Norris Middle School a safe and welcoming community. Stay Strong!

Looking for summer work – check out the detasseling opportunities:

Must be 12 years old and 5 feet tall with a good work ethic for both companies.

Fliers are available for both companies in the MS Office.

Ailes Detasseling

**If planning on working for Ailes Detasseling


Sloup/Thorell Detasseling led by Greg Rettele

Contact Mr. Rettele @ gregrettele.detasseling

Lunch Menu:

BBQ Ribs, & Broccoli

Grab 'n Go:

Friday … Blueberry Muffin, Yogurt, Juice Box & Milk



Friday, May 17, 2013