Middle School Bulletin


Tuesday, January 5th (A Day)

Middle School Wrestling Team Meeting This Wednesday at 1:30 - ALL 7th and 8th Graders interested in wrestling this year please meet in the Middle School Gym, South Bleachers, at 1:30 on Wednesday for a team meeting. 

LUNCH:  You are to bring your coats with you at lunch, you will not be going back to your locker to retrieve it.  Nor are you to take your lunch sack back to your locker after you eat.  The hallways are off limits during your lunch time.

If you have issues with your schedule, please submit a Counselor Request Form and state the scheduling issue and Mr. Bade, your Counselor will follow up with them*


6th Monday and Tuesday  7th Thursday and Friday.  

Wednesday is HAL book club

Next week: 8th grade - everyone Monday and Tuesday then tbd

We will be doing engineering challenges, a Spelling Bee, and start Ukulele Lessons for people who are interested.  You can choose your activities.

Are you interested in a job? Yes, at your age.  We have a person in Panama, NE that is looking for an individual to help with Gardening, yard work, clean up, organizing, decorating etc.  This is an all year round job.  See Jill in the office if you are interested.

Cell Phones are to be off and in your backpacks unless permission from staff.

This includes the Breakfast/Grab ‘n Go/lunch/recess time!

NAME BADGES:  Your name badge/Lanyard is your ticket through the lunch line and the library. 

science Quiz bowl this week on Friday, 3:45-4:45 p.m., study sets 1, rounds 11-17

Titan Token Current count =710 … Reward we are working toward = Extra recess on the football field/track. 

Students, we have been having issues after school with where students are getting picked up which leads to many near accidents and students almost getting hit by cars.   If you are getting picked up by a parent, this should happen in the front of the middle school or using the drive through area in front of the Intermediate. Thanks!

Norris Middle School Menu:

Grab & Go:  Breakfast Pizza

Classic: Cheeseburger on Bun

Pizza:  Cheese, Sausage  Pepperoni

Grab & Go:   Crispy Chicken Salad

Sides:  Green Beans, Cherry Tomato

Tuesday, January 5, 2021