Middle School Bulletin



“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”  Cicero

All of Mrs. Andre’s classes will be in the Library today.


Yes, you are to bring a water bottle from home.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it could be a used disposable

Water Bottle as long as it has a lid.  We have been going through too many cups.  Too many cups that are over

flowing the garbage, and the landfill.  Those are for only those that forget, not daily use.  Besides that

You need to be consuming more fluid than that in a day.  If you need a cup, store it in your locker (empty)

For emergency use.  You can purchase a water bottle from the cafeteria but it must be done during grab and go and your assigned lunch period when they are serving.  No dropping by for a water bottle during lunch when they are not serving.  

NAME BADGES:  Your name badge/Lanyard is your ticket through the lunch line and the library.  You are to have it readily available when you enter the lunch line.  If you have misplaced or gotten it wet or for whatever reason you should purchase a new one for $1.00.

The purchase is not just because you left it at home.

TWO DAYS next week before Thanksgiving Break.  Finish Strong, Clean lockers, Clean out the Lost ‘n Found  The Weather will be changing and you will want that jacket you left behind.  Please check even If you don’t know you are missing one.  Thank you.

HAL Today:   Seventh Grade

HAL next week : chess tournament 6-7-8  Sign Up here or check Classroom

Broadcast and Video Production - Are you interested in sports, using video equipment and computers? Can you imagine yourself working for ESPN or Husker Vision someday?  We are looking for students to help broadcast sporting events on Youtube and edit game highlights for social media.  We need motivated students that can consistently commit time outside of school (athletic events) to be announcers, camera/replay operators, and video editors.  Please see or email Mr. Cullison or Mr. Carlson more information (jason.cullison@nsdtitans.org  OR andrew.carlson@nsdtitans.org).

Science Quiz Bowl Friday, 11/20, 3:45-4:45 in Ms. Myers’s room 308


Mr. K sent out Trivia Google Slides. Answer the Questions and send them to Mr. K. There may be a prize involved. (Anyone interested Can Ask Mr. K to share it with them. Send him an Email)


History Bee - No Practice on Tuesday 11/24.  See you after Thanksgiving!

Food Drive!  Let’s spread kindness and help others!  Through the month of November bring non-perishable food items to your Advisory class.  School-wide goal=1500 items!  

Titan Token Current count =502 … Reward we are working toward = picking your seat at lunch.  You will get to pick your seat every day for whatever time remains of the 2nd Quarter after we reach our goal of 1000!

Students, we have been having issues after school with where students are getting picked up which leads to many near accidents and students almost getting hit by cars.  If your parents are picking you up on the west side of the building, you can not get into their car in the sidewalk area.  You need to walk on the sidewalk around to the front of the intermediate to get picked up.  Do not use the sidewalk between the cars and the parking stalls.  If you are getting picked up by a parent, this should happen in the front of the middle school or using the drive through area in front of the Intermediate. Thanks!

Norris Middle School Menu:

Grab & Go:  Apple Cinnamon Muffin /  Cheese Stick

Classic Cafe:  French Toast Sticks, Scrambled Egg, Breakfast Potatoes, Carrots

Diner:  Hamburger or Fish Sandwich w/Cheese

Grab & Go:  Harvest Chicken Salad, Turkey BLT Wrap

Monday, November 23, 2020