Middle School Bulletin


Friday, Nov. 6th (A Day)

                                     ATTITUDE WITH GRATITUDE

Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.”  Hausa Proverb

Wearing a neck gaiter may be worse than no mask at all, researchers find:  Please wear a mask as indicated from your Administration and the Health Dept.  If you insist on wearing a gator you must wear a mask under the gator.

Use the lunch trash cans for your garbage, not the girls/boys bathroom garbage cans.

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR AREA AFTER EATING, dispose of your tray and trash in the deposit area.  That is your responsibility, not someone else.

Broadcast and Video Production - Are you interested in sports, using video equipment and computers? Can you imagine yourself working for ESPN or Husker Vision someday?  We are looking for students to help broadcast sporting events on Youtube and edit game highlights for social media.  We need motivated students that can consistently commit time outside of school (athletic events) to be announcers, camera/replay operators, and video editors.  Please see or email Mr. Cullison or Mr. Carlson more information (jason.cullison@nsdtitans.org  OR andrew.carlson@nsdtitans.org).

Science Quiz Bowl on Friday, November 6th, Room 308 from 3:45-4:45 p.m., with Ms. Myers

HAL:  7th Grade Th/Fri  Fingerprinting Lab!

Food Drive!  Let’s spread kindness and help others!  Through the month of November bring non-perishable food items to your Advisory class.  School-wide goal=1500 items!  

Titan Token Current count =290 … Reward we are working toward = picking your seat at lunch

The Leonid Meteor Showers begin tonight. Watch for meteors in the annual Leonid meteor shower from midnight till dawn. In 2020, the new moon on November 15 guarantees darkness (from rural locations) for the next several nights. The meteors are expected to fall most abundantly in the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday, November 17. You may see as many as 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

Norris Middle School Menu:

Grab & Go:  Plain Bagel/Strawberry Cream Cheese

Classic Cafe:  Stromboli, California Blend Veg, Diced Beets

Diner:  Hamburger or Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Grab & Go:  Chicken Caesar Salad, Pizza Munchable

Friday, November 6, 2020