Middle School Bulletin

Norris Middle School Bulletin

Monday, Oct. 12th (B Day)

8th grade choir should wear red white or blue Norris Titan shirt or Jersey to school tomorrow.

HAL Students - Your parents received an email and form to sign up for after school programs including MathCounts, History Bee, Science Bowl & Quiz Bowl.  The deadline to sign up is 10/14.  Email or ask Ms. Hutzler if you have any questions.

HAL:8th Grade Monday.  Check In with your WIN teacher and then come on down. Please bring your chromebook.


All  7th and 8th Boys Interested in playing Middle School Boys Basketball 2nd Semester will need to attend the meeting and sign-up in the gym during WIN on Tuesday. This year Norris Middle School will have competitive teams and Intramural teams. Students may opt to play in the Intramurals only, or they may tryout for the A and B teams at each grade level. Details about tryouts, practice times, and more will be shared at the meeting - Tuesday, October 13, 1:30 - 1:58 during WIN. 


Reminder:  once entering the building report to your 1st period class unless you are getting breakfast.  No making laps in the hallways.


The Norris MS Library is hosting a Literary Ghost Contest. Come get an entry form in the library to outfit a ghost as your favorite literary character.  Entries are due Thursday Oct 29. Winners will be announced Oct 30/


The PBiS results are in!  When we reach our next 1000 Titan Tokens we will be watching a movie!!!  Movie selection and details of the day will be determined when we get closer to our goal!  As of today, we currently have 783 Titan Tokens!!


Don’t forget to turn in your PBiS Titan Tokens either at lunch or to your Advisory Teacher.  There will be a Quarter 1 drawing on Wednesday and 3 winners will be chosen from each grade level! 


PICTURE RETAKE DAY:  TOMORROW - Tuesday, Oct. 13th first thing in the morning.


REMINDER:  If you are not feeling well you MUST see the Nurse before contacting your parents.  We are here to help you.  This too is in your Student Handbook





Need a Spooky Read for Halloween?  Come check out our display in the library!


Here are a few reminders:

  • Follow the arrows - remember the directional flow

  • Dress Code - No midriff, 2” straps, No off the shoulder, No short Shorts

  • Cell Phones are to be off and in your backpack at all times.

  • NO Hoods, or Hats in the building

  • No Earbuds or headphones during the day unless approved by Teacher

  • Do not walk around the hall with your chromebook open


  • Have your Planner / Password / and Lanyards

Devices are to be put away at recess.  This includes your chromebook.  Recess is time to be off screens, interact with friends, and get some physical movement. 


Norris Middle School Menu:

Grab & Go:  Banana Choc Chip Muffin / Cheese Stick

Classic Cafe:  Crispy Chicken Sandwich, California Veg, Lettuce

Grab & Go:  Chef Salad

Diner:  Hamburger or Fish Sandwich w/Cheese

Monday, October 12, 2020