Special Education Paraeducators Needed

Hiring for fall 2021- Special Education paraeducators. Please apply at norris160.org/employment

Middle School Bulletin

Norris Middle School Bulletin

Friday, Sept. 11th (A Day)

REMINDER:  YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR BADGE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES … ESPECIALLY LUNCH AND LIBRARY!!  If you have lost yours and need a new one, you may purchase one for $1 in the office.

Congratulations to the 7th-Grade Football and Coaches Korinek, Godtel, and Ozenbaugh on their victory over Bennington last night. The 7th-Grade delivered a 16-0 shutout to earn their first victory of the season!


Congratulations to the 8th-Grade Volleyball team and their coaches on an A and B team clean sweep of Elkhorn. Both A and B teams won in straight sets! 


Although our Cross Country team had the week off, they were outside this week training in the rain, wind, and cold temperatures! 


Good luck to all of our teams next week as the take the field, court, or course!


Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


Here are a few reminders:

  • Follow the arrows - remember the directional flow

  • Dress Code - No midriff, 2” straps, No off the shoulder, No short Shorts

  • Cell Phones are to be off and in your backpack at all times.

  • NO Hoods, or Hats in the building

  • No Earbuds or headphones during the day unless approved by Teacher

  • Do not walk around the hall with your chromebook open

Devices are to be put away at recess.  This includes your chromebook.  Recess is time to be off screens, interact with friends, and get some physical movement. 


REMINDER:  If you are not feeling well you MUST see the Nurse before contacting your parents.  We are here to help you.  This too is in your Student Handbook


Your Picture Packets have been handed out at WIN class.  If your parents decide you need to do retakes they are scheduled for the morning of Oct. 13th, return your packet to the Photographer at that time.


The Middle School is hosting a Virtual Book Fair September 14-27. You can shop from your Chromebook and have your books delivered to your home! https://bit.ly/NMSvirtualbookfair




Today is the last day to turn in your Bookmark for the bookmark contest!!


The results are in!  The Middle School student body has selected “Device Time during WIN” as our reward when we reach 1000 Titan Tokens!  We are currently at 370 earned Tokens!  Keep turning your Tokens into your Advisory teacher or at lunch to have the opportunity to eat outside!  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, & Be Safe! 





Today’s Menu:

Grab & Go:  Plain Bagel/Strawberry Cream Cheese

Classic Cafe:  Cheesy Italian Flatbread, Broccoli Florets

Diner:  Hamburger, or Corn Dogs

Grab and Go:   Crispy Chicken Salad, Honey Mustard Ham Wrap


Friday, September 11, 2020