Middle School Bulletin

Norris Middle School Bulletin

Tuesday, August 25th (A Day)

Breakfast is still being served.  Once you report to your first period upon arrival, if wanting breakfast before 8:30 you may come down and get breakfast.

If you missed Picture Day, we will have a retake day, but no date has been

Scheduled as of yet.


Last Year Yearbooks should be handed out Today.


Students please be sure to take the PBiS survey sometime this week.  It will be shared out by your Advisory teacher.  This survey will help us to determine what our school-wide reward will be when we reach 1000 Titan Tokens!  Watch the Titan box in our PBiS corner in the commons area to see our progress toward the goal!  When it’s full we will celebrate! Be Respectful, Be Responsible, & Be Safe! 


If playing sports you must have the following forms in:

Ecollect - Demographics




Covid Waiver


Today’s Menu:

Grab & Go:  Cheesy Ham Melt

Classic Cafe: Breakfast Flatbread, Steamed Carrots, Cucumber slices

Pizza:  Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza

Grab and Go:  Hummus & Vegetable Bowl, Turkey Deli Sub Sandwich  

Tuesday, August 25, 2020