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Winter Sports Pictures - 3:30


No School Wednesday-Friday!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday’s Activities:

Var. Girls/Boys BB Jamboree @ Lincoln Southeast - 1:00/2:45


The Norris Band is doing an awesome fundraiser to earn $$ for their trip to Boston next year!  They are selling Norris branded drinkware as well as HUNDREDS of others.  Look at the website, select what you want to purchase and then select your band member’s name at checkout or donate to the general band.  All items will ship directly to your house.  Fundraiser ends Saturday, November 26.   See the attached link:There is Norris branded drinkware as well as HUNDREDS of others.



The Norris High School library will host its annual Book Page Craft Night on Wednesday, December 7th, after school until 6:00 PM. Sign up in the library. 


Titan Blankets:  Norris Wrestling is selling Titan Blankets.  Everyone will need one of these TITAN Blankets!!  They do not say a specific sport so you can use them for any sport or activity.   They are oversized at 60x80!! and only $39.99! Order now to make sure you have one under your tree for Christmas.  Orders have a 1-2 week turnaround and they ship directly to your house!!

Click on the link below to place your order:



ALL Students - Please fill out the very brief survey that Mr. Carlson sent out over email.

NAME survey for 2023 Yearbook - norris160.org/ybs


Broadcast and Video Production - Are you interested in sports, using video equipment and computers? Can you imagine yourself working for ESPN or Husker Vision someday?  We are looking for students to help broadcast sporting events on Youtube and possibly edit game highlights for social media.  We need motivated students that can consistently commit time outside of school (athletic events) to be announcers, camera/replay operators, and video editors.  Please see or email Mr. Carlson for more information (andrew.carlson@nsdtitans.org).


SENIORS:   Sign up to visit UNL with Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Good on Wednesday, November 30th!  Details in your email!  Sign up here: https://forms.gle/eLnbTUGpfURHWJm98


Norris High School will have its third COLLEGE/MILITARY/APPRENTICESHIP FAIR of the school year on Wed, November 30th during IAP 10:07-10:31am in the common hallway near the auditorium. This fair is for interested students in all grades 9, 10, 11, & 12.

Click on the active link below to see which attendees are currently signed up so far to visit Titans:       LIST OF COLLEGES/TRADES/MILITARY COMING

Tuesday, November 22, 2022