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End of 1st Semester

9th Boys BB vs. Lincoln Southeast - HOME - 6:00 - HS South Gym

JV-V Girls/Boys BB vs. Aurora - HOME - 4:30-Girls JV & Boys JV; 6:00-Girls Varsity; 

7:30-Boys Varsity


Wrestling for girls and boys:  It is not too late to participate in this year's wrestling season.  We have had several athletes over the years join our team mid season.  You still have time to compete and improve your skills for other sports. We still have several open weight classes to participate in.   If you are interested send an email to Coach Duran by Dec. 22.  brian.duran@nsdtitans.org


Seniors & Chromebooks:

We are offering a one-time special price for Chromebook repairs and special pricing for your Chromebook buy back this spring!  Must be purchased before Christmas break! 


Before the end of the semester (December 21, 2021)  we are offering ½ price on all repairs to your Chromebooks. (Protection plan discounts will apply as well!)   We are also allowing seniors to still purchase the device protection plan before the semester ends. (Cost of protection plan is $35 - and will provide protection for damage/repair to your device until the end of the school year)  By having a device protection plan in place when you graduate you will receive a $25 discount towards the purchase of your Chromebook. 


  • Previous repairs that you may still owe for are not discounted.

  • A lost device, stylus or charger does not qualify for the 1/2 price discount.

  • If you do purchase the protection plan, you will still get discounted repairs after our 1/2 price repair window closes on December 21st.  

  • You are still responsible for all device repairs/cost up to the point of purchasing the device or returning it back to the Norris School District.



1st time screen break is normally $10 with the plan and $50 without the plan.  During this ½ price window those repairs would be $5 and $25 respectively. 


You will be able to purchase your touchscreen Chromebook for $50 at graduation if you have a protection plan in place!  So now is the time to get any little repairs done ASAP!  If you decide to turn your device in when you graduate, you will be responsible for any damages/repairs at that time. So now is the time to get the protection plan and take advantage of the ½ price repair window. 


Stop in the HS office to take out the protection plan.  If you have repairs that need done, stop by the tech office. (Located across from the high school office next to the auditorium entrance.) 






Navy @ lunch ~ Wed Jan 5, 2022

Army @ lunch ~ Mon Jan 10, 2022 11:30am - 1pm


Tuesday, December 21, 2021