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Elementary News

Norris Elementary School
Dr. Brenda Tracy, Principal
25211 South 68th St
Firth, Nebraska 68358
Phone: (402) 7910030
Fax: (402) 7910038
December 5, 2013
Culver's Dine Out Fundraiser on Thursday December 5 from 59.
Elementary at the Pioneers (70th and Pioneers) location.
Intermediate schools at the Old Cheney (14th and Old Cheney)
Culvers will be giving 10% back to the school. Culvers will also be donating playground balls to
both the Elementary and Intermediate school. The school that has the most participation in tonight’s
fundraiser will get 20 balls and the other school will get 10 balls.
We hope you can join us tonight!
Your Norris PTO
Norris Food Pantry Donations
Help the Elementary School fill the chimney!! Please bring boxes of dried or canned food
items & help us fill the chimney. There are many people in our community that rely on our help.
All proceeds will be donated to the Norris Food Pantry.
Staff would like you to consider making a donation to the Norris Area Food Pantry instead of
purchasing gifts for the Norris Elementary Staff.
Thank you for your support!
Caring Lanewill
run from Dec 216
and donations are optional.
Each grade will have a project for which they will be collecting donations
donations for Young Hugs
Young Hugs is a new twist of Sister Hugs. Its motto is "Kids Helping Kids"
and is designed to promote empathy and understanding by children, for children
going through a difficult time. Primarily, it is to provide gift bags for children going
through major health issues, but might also be given to children dealing with other
difficulties like a sick parent or a deployed parent, etc. All recipients are
nominated, and gifts are sent from Young Hugs, simply designed to brighten their
day and to let them know that others are thinking of them.
Ideas for donations include, but are not limited to:
Kid bags and baskets for filling
Lip balm
Gift certificates
Craft kits
Soft hats
Playing Cards
Soft blankets
Kid pillow cases
Quiet activities with attached pieces
Drawing pads
Color wonder sets
Toy Cars
First Gradewill
be donating money to the City Mission for a homeless family
First grade team will be sending home information to explain the process.
They have talked about how giving can be as much pleasure as receiving. 1st
grade project will provide students with the opportunity to do extra jobs at home that
are not a part of their regular chores. Each time a student does an extra job, you
can provide them with one of the hearts (provided in Thursday folders) with their
name printed on the heart along with the job that they completed. Please send the
hearts to school with your child so he/she can put them on our “Giving Tree”.
You may send your child’s pay (any amount will be appreciated) in an
envelope by Friday, December 20.
Second GradeNorris
Second Grade will form a partnership with Crete Blue
Valley Migrant Preschool.. Children from all parts of the world attend
preschool at this wonderful facility. We can help these children in so
many ways! Donations may be new or gently used items.. We will
Clothing school supplies
mittens or gloves crayons
hats & scarves pencils
boots glue or glue sticks
socks paints
shirts puzzles
jeans books
There will be decorated collection boxes in the elementary lobby..
Thank you for partnering with us to make this a joyful holiday season for
Crete Blue Valley Migrant Preschool!
Conduct at Basketball Games
It is important that Norris fans create a positive experience for athletes and visitors. Norris has a great
sportsmanship reputation which will be continued. Athletic Director, Greg Hardin, has prepared the
following information for parents and children to observe when attending home athletic events this winter
sports season.
1. Norris High School, Middle School, Intermediate and Elementary School students may sit in the
student section behind the South basket. Middle School, Intermediate, and Elementary School students
will sit at the top of the section with High School students filling the lower rows. Parents are responsible
for the supervision of their children during the game whether your children sit with you or in the student
section. Please do not allow your child to run in and out of the game repeatedly and unsupervised.
Please instruct your child that they are there to watch the game. Trips to the lobby/commons area
should be limited. Students may be returned to sit with their parents in the event game administration
finds students not following conduct expectations. The East bleachers will be designated for Norris fans.
2. No balls are to be brought into the building. The game ball is the only ball that is necessary at the
game. Please do not allow your child to bring balls to the game for play purposes.
3. The lobby/commons area is not a place for children to stay after purchasing concessions or using the
4. The South doors are not student or public entrances, please only use the East doors to the Middle
5. Please help to teach your child the meaning of good sportsmanship. Everyone has a role in
sportsmanship regardless of age.
6. The first home game is December 7 vs. Grand Island Northwest. JV games begin at 2:15 with
Varsity Girls at 4:00 and Varsity Boys at 5:45.
Information from the Health Office
We have begun to see an increase in the number of head lice cases here at school. The spread of head lice can
be controlled with prompt diagnosis and diligent checking/ treatment. Therefore, we are asking for your help.
The first thing you can do to help prevent the spread of lice is to discuss the subject openly with your family. Lice
can affect anyone, regardless of background or hygiene. They do not transmit disease. Educating everyone about
what to look for helps lead to early detection and treatment resulting in a decrease in the number of cases.
Lice cannot fly or jump, they only crawl. They are usually transferred during direct head to head contact. Remind
your children to be aware of their surroundings and not to share items that touch their heads like hats,
headphones, helmets, hair accessories, etc. Children with medium length or long hair may want to keep their hair
secured with barretts or ponytail holders to decrease their risk of direct contact with another student’s hair.
Check your child’s hair for evidence of head lice. The adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed and can be
reddish brown to dark gray in color. Eggs, or nits, are smaller and silver or white in color. They are attached to the
hair shaft, usually within 1 inch of the scalp, and are difficult to remove as opposed to dry skin or dandruff, which
can be easily removed. Other signs to watch for are frequent head scratching and red bite marks or sores on the
scalp. Following are magnified pictures of head lice in their different stages:
December 20 End of 2nd Quarter
December 21January
5 Holiday Vacation
January 6 Students begin 3rd Quarter
January 13 PTO Meeting Norris Elementary School 7:00 p.m.
January 20 Staff Development Day No Students
February 3 PTO Meeting Norris Elementary School 7:00 p.m.
February 14Staff
Development Day No Students
February 17 No School Presidents Day
February 18 & 20 Parent Teacher Conferences 4:008:
30 p.m.
March 3 Meeting Norris Elementary School 7:00 p.m.
March 7 Staff Development Day No Students

Thursday, December 5, 2013