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Food Service is looking for part-time workers:  5 days a week 3 1/2 - 5 hours a day.  Please reach out to to inquire.

2-28 MS Bulletin

CONGRATULATIONS to MICHAELA BOON for taking 4th place at the Lancaster County Spelling BEE!

REMINDER: Even though there is no school during the day on Thursday due to State Girls Basketball we will still be having Student-Led Conferences in the evening. Double Check your time and we will see you here.

Tryouts for the 7th & 8th grade Talent Show are today, Wednesday, February 27th after school in Mr. Price's room. The sign-up sheet for tryouts for the Talent Show are outside Mr. Price's door (Tuesday sheet and Wednesday sheet). If neither night works out for you, please email Mr. Price so another time can be set up. If you are playing the piano, we'll try to find a piano for you and bring it to Mr. Price's room masters of Ceremonies will need to announce the show, tell a joke and act out an in-provisional situation. The show is Monday, March 11th at 7:00 pm.

Firth Softball/Baseball sign up is set for Saturday, March 2, 8-10 am; Tuesday, March 5, 5:30-7 pm at the Firth Community Center. Fliers are available in the MS Office Brochure Holder.

MS Wrestlers head to Bishop Neumann on Thursday. Team needs to be here and ready to leave at

1:55 pm from the Middle School. GOOD LUCK WRESTLERS AND COACHES!

Basketball Season is over so now it's time to prepare for TRACK!. The TRACK sign-up sheet is in the Locker Rooms.

First Day of Practice will be March 25th. On March 21st there will be a track meeting after school until 4:15 for the girls and on March 22nd after school for the boys. Make sure you have all your paperwork in before that date. If any questions ask Mr. Severson or Jill in the office.

Calling all 3-7 Football players, there will be a Youth Fundamental Skills Football Camp in May. Pick up a flier in the MS Office if interested. 5Th Boys yours will be going home in the Thursday Folders.

EXTENSION: 2013 Baseball T-Shirt Order forms are in the MS Office Brochure Holder. Please turn your order forms into your buildings office now by Monday, March 4th with payment.




Remember: People don't always remember what you say but how you make them feel. But, words are a part of that feeling too. If you have been bullied or witnessed another student being bullied, immediately report this to a staff member, Mrs. Rupert or Mrs. Tracy. Thank you for helping to make Norris Middle School a safe and welcoming community. Stay Strong!


HEY Norris Middle School Students & Staff It's time for: READ ACROSS AMERICA DOOR CONTEST.

  • Feb. 28th is just a few days away … where are you on this project? Good news is that the contest has been extended for another week. Judges will be contacted this coming Monday

  • LITT classes have from Feb. 14 – Feb. 28th to design and construct their door design. All designs should be taped to the classroom door on or before the Read Across America Day, March 1, 2013.

  • After choosing the book to decorate, begin designing the door. The students may use paper, aluminum foil, macaroni, whatever, as long as it stays glued to the backing paper of the design. Decide if you want to stay above the door handle, or cover the entire door with a hole for the handle. With such a big area to decorate, and a little prompting, students should be able to break the project into parts to give more kids a chance to participate.

  • Each door will be constructed using one sheet of butcher paper from the library as the back. That way the class can slowly add designs and glue items to it and then quickly tape it to the door by Friday, March 1, 2013.

  • Each door should somehow represent the book it's designed after, whether that be by reproducing the cover art, or showing story elements. Each design must have author's name and the title of the book, but those are the only design requirements.

  • We will have celebrity judges come around the judge their favorite door. The winning LITT group will earn a pizza party from Papa D's Pizza in Firth. The party will be Friday, March 8. We will have prizes for special categories as well. The more students we get involved the better!

Reminder: No School

Thursday, February 28th the Norris Girls head to the State Tournament

Tip Off: 10:45 am @ Pershing

Norris Students and Staff let's prepare for another award as well:

Sportsmanship Award

(Norris has done this in the past – let's do it again!)

Students/fans display sportsmanship like actions toward opponent/coaches/officials/fans during introductions/game through to the end.

Positive signs/banners/chants/and reactions to plays and calls.

Creativity of fan sections (positive chants / attire theme, the wave, etc)

Let's do it the Norris Way!

Today’s Menu:

Chicken Patty on WG Bun, Corn

Wednesday, February 27, 2013