Notice of School Board Vacancy

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Education of Norris School District #160 as a result of the death of Larry Grosshans.  In accordance with state law, the Board will begin the process of appointing an individual to complete the remainder of Mr. Grosshans’s term on the board.  

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General Information Resources - History Sites- Geography Sites- Science Sites- Art Sites- Math Sites- Language Sites- Sports Sites- Music Sites- Misc. Sites

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 General Information Resources:

Merriam-Webster - Dictionary and Thesaurus

Encarta - Microsoft's Encyclopedia on the Internet

Encyclopedia - From Encyclopedia dot com

Newsbank - Periodicals and papers online

Study Web - reviews and categorizes over 20,000 focused academic sites.

Hot Lava. Is a site with a limited number of categories for you to browse.

Find-it! - (Paul Sarena's info collection also links to major search engines to search entire web)

Lifestyle.UK - Categorized (10'000+)links, geographically sorted under 87 different headings.

OmniTree - Categorized (~60 000) with A LOT of links to major manufacturers

Snap! - A portal page, with a lot of links and a category database, plus a web search engine.

ZenSearch - Many links to manufacturers and other websites online

Point Of Origin - family safe links, fast results with true content web sites

Web Search - Large database (categorized) and search engine that gives you the option of searching they're way and also searches with other engines if you choose to do so.

SearchLite - parent/child friendly directory, has a fairly large link database that is put into categories, but they have very high quality links.  This is a good place to go if you know what you are looking for.

Aeiwi - user friendly search engine.  Has a large link database.

OzSearch Internet Guide - An all-Australian web directory.

 Fat Head Search - Has a searchable web directory listing.  I don't know how often they update it.

 Search-4-Info - A fairly large web category listing updated often.

History Sites for Students

Encyclopedia of Women's History -- students are invited to submit articles.

The Ancient World

Odyssey: Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome

Aztec History

Middle Ages

Yaxuna Archeology Project (Mayan History)

The Smithsonian Institute

Cultures of the Ancient World

Ancient Egypt

The History of Costume

America's West - Development & History -

An Abridged History of the United States

American History: Who's Who, Civil War to Present

The First World War

Children's Museum in the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Egyptian Museum

The Seven Wonders of the World

Today in History -Canadian Parliament

Egypt Search - Egypt-related web sites directory.

Geography Sites for Students

- Electronic Field Trip to the United Nations - UNICEF
- Scotland - Luxembourg - Romania - Spain
-Slovenia - Hungary - Russia
- Portugal - United Kingdom
- Cape Verde
- Australia - New Zealand
- India - Calcutta
- Hong Kong

- Kuwait - The Islamic World
- Israel - The Jerusalem Mosaic

- Traditional Andean Textiles
- Canadian Info Explorer - Canadiana
Canada on the Web
- The 50 States of the United States

- United Nations Resolutions - World Constitutions
- The Great Lakes - Stamp Collecting
- Map of the World - Flags of the World
- Cultures of the World
- " I Love You" in Many Languages - Foreign Languages for Travelers
- Live From Antarctica - International Arctic Project
- Our Home -- Visit ten Canadian communities.



General Science Sites for Students

Go directly to: space sites, animal sites, entomology (bugs) sites, paleontology (dinosaurs) sites, botany (plants) sites, earth related sciences sites, environment sites, or miscellaneous sites.

- Ask Mr. Science
- Science Updates -- current news from around the world

Cell Biology - Enzyme Biochemistry - Photosynthesis - Chemistry Review

Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle (metabolism) - Gregor Mendel (Genetics)

Genetics - Prokaryotic Genetics and Gene Expression - Recombinant DNA

Journal of Biological Chemistry

The Galaxy Guide to Sciences.

An MIT student's Periodic Table online.  Has a lot of  information on many elements known.

Committee on Space Biology and Medicine.

- 3rd Planet Lab -- download experiments and check out some fun Science kits
- The Why Files -- the Science behind the news.
- History of Science Museum -- Florence, Italy
- The Mad Scientist Network -- answers the science questions of students of all ages every day over the Web.

- Curious Kids Science Newsletter

Cell Biology - Enzyme Biochemistry - Photosynthesis - Chemistry Review

Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle (metabolism) - Gregor Mendel (Genetics)

Genetics - Prokaryotic Genetics and Gene Expression - Recombinant DNA

Journal of Biological Chemistry

The Galaxy Guide to Sciences.

An MIT student's Periodic Table online.  Has a lot of  information on many elements known.

Committee on Space Biology and Medicine.

Chemical Databases - Has a wide variety of topics, including Measurement(units), Matter, Atoms(Elements and Ions), Molecules and Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Gases, Temperature and Energy Change, Quantum Theory, Electrons in Atoms, The Periodic Table, Acids and Bases, Molecule Models (3D!), ALSO offers links to chemistry Exams and Tests online.

Chemistry Teaching Resources at Umea University Analytical Chemistry.

The State Science Teachers Organization - Connect with other science teachers in your state or in other states to exchange news, ideas, opportunities in science education.

The Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program in Biology

Science Teacher's Resource

Molecular Biology Resource

The Senses Bureau for General Chemistry Education.

Natural Sciences Database - Very useful, has teacher resources on nearly all types of science, Everything from general cells to matter and energy to astronomy.  Many of these are only available in certain areas but many you can send away for.

Chemistry in the Community - A very large site with many lesson plans in many aspects of chemistry, as well as worksheets and labs.

Net science - "The sum of all Sciences" - A very nice chemical table online, most elements are listed here with a lot of information. A great Resource!!

Science News - a site that changes a lot, as new advances are made.

A very nice listing of science and mathematics education sites.

Space (Astronomy)

- The Ten Best of The Nine Planets

- Galileo Mission to Jupiter

- Educational Space Simulation Project

-Stars and Galaxies
- Views of The Solar System - The Solar System

- Model of the Solar System - The Nine Planets
- Planets - Images of Planets
- The Nothern Lights Page - Northern Lights
- Ask an Astronaut - How to Become an Astronaut
- Basics of Space Flight

- Planet Earth Home Page

Animals (Zoology)

- The World Wildlife Federation Global Network
- NetVet- Veterinarian Information
- - The Birmingham Zoo - Electronic Zoo
- Endangered Species
- Tiger Information Center

- Rhinos and Tigers and Bears -- Oh My!
- Bear Den
- The Frog Page
- Fish Questions and Answers - Safari Splash Touch Tank - Fiona's Shark Mania

- Reptiles and Amphibians - Reptiles
- An Interactive Frog Dissection
- EMS and Veterinary Medicine

- California Turtle and Tortoise Club

- PetStation Kids! -- Meet kids and their pets.

- The Complete Hampster

Insects & Other Bugs (Entomology)

- Insect Database
- Bees and Other Insects
- Pictures and Descriptions of Bugs
- Bug Ornaments
- Wonderful World of Insects - Gordon's Entomological Page
- Cockroach World! - Insect Pages
- Ant Farm - Bugs!
- Entomology Notes
Ask Orkin -- An extermination company gives identification, information, myths and facts about different kinds of termites, roaches, ants and fleas, plus a few bug recipes.

Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals (Paleontology)

- Dinosaurs
- Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum

Plants (Botany)

- kinderGARDEN -- With a focus on classroom use, this site has information about indoor and outdoor ideas related to growing plants and vegetables, composting, worms, gardening poems, slugs, mud and nutrients.

The Earth (Geology, Seismology, Meteorology)

- Ask a Geologist
- Rock Collecting

- Disasters -- Distributes the latest news on disaster situations to the Internet community via the World Wide Web. Contains an historical archive of info on past disasters and links to disaster info on other sites.
- Natural Disaster Reference Database -- a compilation of articles about disasters such as fires, eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, flooding, hurricanes,tsunami, avalanches.
- Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection - Rocks
- Volcanoes - Plate Tectonics

- Volcanic Photoglossary

- Clouds
- Hurricane: Storm Science

The Environment

- Earth Alert -- updates about the state of the Earth

- Global Recycling Network - Environmental News Network
- E-patrol: Environmental Patrol - K-12 Environmental Education and Endangered Species
- Rainforests - Rainforest Workshop
- Global Warming - Planet Earth (Environmental Issues)

Miscellaneous Science Sites

- Periodic Table of the Elements

- WebElements -- all about the elements

Atomic Alchemy: Nuclear Energy Information

- Hands On Children's Museum Contains some great links in their Ocean Odyssey section. Check out their experiments, projects and factual information on oceanography.
- Genetics
-Underwater World
- About Rainbows
- Explore the Virtual Heart

-The Heart

- Cells Alive!

Art Sites for Students

- Kidlink Art Files -- Look at student artwork from around the world.
Crafts for Kids
- Bry-Back Manor -- activity pages for young kids, clipart, craft ideas, downloadable games, and more.
- Origami
- Crayola Art Education
- Le Louvre
- 911 Gallery -- promotes electronic media as fine art.
- Hydra! Gallery (over 1700 Fractal Designs)
The Salvadore Dali Museum
- Ansel Adams' Photographs
- Smithsonian Photographs Online


Math Sites for Students

- Math Homework Help

- Ask Dr. Math

- Math & Physics Problems -- Ask some experts!
- A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
- Elementary Problem of the Week -- to challenge elementary students with non-routine problems and to encourage them to verbalize their solutions.
- Puzzles -- some difficult Math puzzlers
- Math Magic
- Mathematical Animation Gallery
- This is Mega-Math
- Kirby's Cool Polyhedron Page
- Ask Dr. Math!
- History of Mathematics

Language Arts Sites for Students

- English Grammar Clinic

- Common Errors in English

- Young Writers Resource Page
- Children's Stories, Poems, Pictures

- Silly Billy's World

- Guide for Writing Research Papers
- Online English Grammar Reference

- Building Clauses (how to write a good sentence)

- Grammar and Style Notes
- How a Book is Made
- Haiku - Shakespeare HomePage
- Anne of Green Gables -

- Grimm's Fairy Tales

- Animal Myths and Legends

- Drama

- John Milton (1608-1674)

- Encyclopedia Mythica-- myths of the Chinese, Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek, Haitian, Japanese,
Latvian, Mayan, Native American, Norse, Persian, Polynesian, Roman, Welsh

Sports Sites for Students

- Today's NBA Action
- Broomball

- Anita's badminton Page

- Ski Net
- Tennis Server
- Football Server
- Golf Links
- Skydive!
- Curling
- Iditarod Sled Dog Race
- Archery
- Mountain Biking
- Windsurfing
- Soccer Drills
- Sports Illustrated for Kids
- Volleyball
- Sports

- Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page

Music Sites for Students

- Drums and Percussion Page
- Music
- The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
- Children's Music List
- Acoustic Guitar Digest
- All-Music Guide
- All-Music Guide Pop Catalogue by Artist Name
- Compact Disc Connection
Discographies by - Artist
- Folk Music Info
- Musical Resources on the Internet
- The Mammoth Music Meta-List

Miscellaneous Sites for Students

- Job Profiles-- A site for students that provides information about hundreds of jobs and careers

- Electronic Postcards -- Select a picture, type in your mesage, fill in the e-mail address of the recipient and press the button. An e-mail message is automatically sent to the recipient, and the person is told a postcard is waiting at the electric post office and where on the Web she or he can get it. And only the person you're sending it to can read it because only that person is given the password.

- CBC's Kids Club -- includes the Joke Shop, Money Matters, Pet Arena, Tongue Twisters and a Worst Song Contest

- Vocal Point (Teen Paper)
- Ice and Snow Sculpture Exhibit
- Genealogy Home Page - Teddy Bears

- International Student Newswire

- Kids Web - Street Cents -

- Dogs - Theodore Tugboat
- Leaf Collecting
- Virtual Cave