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Norris Students, SRO Participate in Law Enforcement Academy

Norris Students, SRO Participate in Law Enforcement Academy

Friday, June 9, 2017

Three Norris students participated in the June Law Enforcement Academy this week, a cooperative effort between the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff's Office.

The academy offered an impressive array of hands-on training and experiences for aspiring law enforcement personnel or students considering a career in this field. Students learned firsthand how calls are dispatched, what it takes to become an officer, and a variety of topics and methods that are vital to law enforcement professionals.

Criminal topics academy participants learned about included domestic violence situations, methamphetamine, DWIs, and administering first aid.

Enforcement techniques students learned about included searching buildings, working with K9 units, use of radar, and emergency vehicles.

Deputy Joe Gehr was one of the officers leading and facilitating this year's academy, and he commented that "The entire academy was a great experience. Great young people who were offered some really exciting experiences over the two days." He added that, "We learned every bit as much if not more from these young people as they could ever learn from us. The opportunity to talk with young people was a great benefit of this time to us. As adults, you realize if you take the time to listen to youth, you find that the younger generation has a lot to teach us as well. We learned a lot about civilian-law enforcement interactions and how the police are perceived in society." 

The Norris HS students who participated were Morgan Hancock, Justin Sanders, and Roberto Coleman. Congratulations to these Norris HS students on successful completion of the law enforcement academy!