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New Playground Equipment at Norris Elementary

New Playground Equipment at Norris Elementary

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 was the unveiling of the newest playground equipment at Norris Elementary.  The Elementary purchased a “spider web” through the generous funds raised through last year’s PTO Fun Run.  The spider web is an electric green and brings additional color to the existing blue and orange equipment.  Students can climb and balance on this new structure, and have exposure to a different tactile experience through the quasi-ropes of the web.

The Elementary was able also to secure “jumping poles” through the PEP grant.  These are located along the fence line and allow students to jump as high as a frog, rabbit, or deer from either a standing position or running start.

Students reviewed playground expectations for the new and existing equipment through a video that Mrs. Behrends, the Elementary counselor, and Dr. Piening, the Elementary principal, made with the help of a few second grade friends. The kids are enjoying the new additions to an already fantastic playground!