Now hiring Special Education Substitute Paras

Norris School District is now hiring 1:1 special education substitute paraprofessionals.  Positions will be working with students in grades K-12 who have developmental disabilities. Hours will follow the student hours and school schedule.  If interested please apply in person at the Superintendent's Office

Norris Middle School Staff

Norris Middle School Staff

Middle School Staff


Tyler DeBuhr

Tyler.DeBuhr [at]

Chloe Kreikemeier

chloe.kreikemeier [at]

Melinda Maendele

melinda.maendele [at]

Justin McGill

justin.mcgill [at]

Katie Mueller

katie.mueller [at]

Kyle Steinkuhler

kyle.steinkuhler [at]


Hunter Boe

hunter.boe [at]

Karli Busboom

karli.busboom [at]

Jennifer Hutzler

jennifer.hutzler [at]

Chloe Kreikemeier

chloe.kreikemeier [at]

Eric Lechtenberg

eric.lechtenberg [at]

Shannon Lynch

shannon.lynch [at]

Bryan Martin

bryan.martin [at]

Harley McCain

harley.mccain [at]

Taylor Rising

taylor.rising [at]

Leia Rumsey

leia.rumsey [at]

Rachel Schartz

rachel.schartz [at]