Now hiring Special Education Substitute Paras

Norris School District is now hiring 1:1 special education substitute paraprofessionals.  Positions will be working with students in grades K-12 who have developmental disabilities. Hours will follow the student hours and school schedule.  If interested please apply in person at the Superintendent's Office

Norris Intermediate School Staff

Norris Intermediate School Staff

Intermediate Staff



Amber Bouma

Amber.Bouma [at]


Renae Axtell

renae.axtell [at]

Sean Bartholomew

sean.bartholomew [at]

Teri Drury

teri.drury [at]

Patty Elwood

patti.elwood [at]

Anna Erikson

anna.erikson [at]

Marisa Garver

marisa.garver [at]

Brooke Hannaford

brooke.hannaford [at]

Tammy Luther

tammy.luther [at]

Taylor Rising

taylor.rising [at]

Jerika Scherer

jerika.scherer [at]

Erica Twarling

erica.twarling [at]