Pius X Invite

Pius X Invite

Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 8:30am to 10:00am
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Harvey earns outstanding wrestler and 100th win at Pius Dual Invite

Congratulations to Mathew Harvey for his great accomplishments during the Pius Dual Invitational. Mathew was named outstanding wrestler of the dual competition and also earned his 100th career win in the last match of the day.

Coming off a couple big dual wins on Thursday, the Norris Wrestling team traveled to Lincoln Pius for the Pius duals on Saturday. The team went 2-3 on the day and wrestled tough. The Titans still have wrestlers descending down so a number of kids are wrestling up a weight. This week all 145 pounders to HWT will be down to their weight they will be competing at this season.

There were many highlights in the day. The team had two wrestlers go 4-1 on the day which included Tyler Pester and Zach Serna. There were also three members of the team that went five and zero on the day. They include Clayton Williams, Mathew Harvey, and Gavin Eason.

Pius X Duals Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Beatrice
2nd Place - Lincoln Pius X
3rd Place - Waverly
4th Place - Norris
5th Place - Omaha Central
6th Place - Lincoln Northeast

Round 1
Omaha Central defeated Lincoln Northeast 54-28.
Beatrice defeated Lincoln Pius X 43-36.
Waverly defeated Norris 46-30.
106: Maksim Tyshkun (WAVE) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Trae Greve (WAVE) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:19) 120: Preston Johnson (WAVE) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:00) 126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over Christian Faz (WAVE) (Fall 0:49) 132: Alex Davenport (WAVE) over Simon Johnson (NORR) (Fall 4:22) 138: Nicholas Abbott (WAVE) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (Dec 6-1) 145: Evan Canoyer (WAVE) over (NORR) (For.) 152: Kaleb Canoyer (WAVE) over (NORR) (For.) 160: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Uriah Lenz (WAVE) (Fall 0:50) 170: Zachary Serna (NORR) over Creed Roth (WAVE) (Fall 1:40) 182: Tyler Pester (NORR) over Dalton Neemann (WAVE) (Fall 3:49) 195: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Jordan Olsen (WAVE) (Fall 2:30) 220: Logan Schuelke (WAVE) over Dylan Meyer (NORR) (Dec 6-5) 285: Damien Wylder (WAVE) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (MD 11-3)

Round 2
Waverly defeated Lincoln Northeast 52-30.
Beatrice defeated Omaha Central 39-38.
Lincoln Pius X defeated Norris 57-24.
113: Zane Faust (LPX) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 0:42) 120: Ryan Mazour (LPX) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:07) 126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over (LPX) (For.) 132: Nick McCarthy (LPX) over Simon Johnson (NORR) (Dec 4-0) 138: Jayden Schriner (LPX) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (Fall 2:51) 145: Brayden Williams (LPX) over (NORR) (For.) 152: Isaac Feltes (LPX) over (NORR) (For.) 160: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Kyle Dolan (LPX) (Fall 2:46) 170: Matt Bruns (LPX) over Zachary Serna (NORR) (Fall 3:05) 182: Tyler Pester (NORR) over Drake Stuhr (LPX) (Fall 2:39) 195: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Steven Kerr (LPX) (Fall 2:20) 220: Simon Benton (LPX) over Dylan Meyer (NORR) (Fall 2:39) 285: Grant Gubbels (LPX) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (Fall 4:39) 106: Hunter Kreikemeier (LPX) over (NORR) (For.)

Round 3
Beatrice defeated Lincoln Northeast 48-24.
Lincoln Pius X defeated Waverly 36-34.
Norris defeated Omaha Central 43-33.
120: Caden Stutzman (NORR) over (OMCE) (For.) 126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over Christopher Kueny (OMCE) (Fall 5:38) 132: Simon Johnson (NORR) over Thomas Kennedy-Croft (OMCE) (Fall 1:46) 138: Chris Richardson (NORR) over (OMCE) (For.) 145: Joseff Cleaver (OMCE) over (NORR) (For.) 152: Tre`Vion Williams (OMCE) over (NORR) (For.) 160: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Randy Johnson (OMCE) (MD 14-0) 170: Zachary Serna (NORR) over Ja`Lyn Corner (OMCE) (Fall 0:31) 182: Tyler Pester (NORR) over Orentheian Everett (OMCE) (Fall 0:29) 195: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Jacob Hilding (OMCE) (Dec 8-1) 220: Ka`Ron Davis (OMCE) over Dylan Meyer (NORR) (Fall 0:42) 285: Jacob Frezell-McClinton (OMCE) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (Dec 5-3) 106: Ryan Turner (OMCE) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Emilio Haynes (OMCE) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 0:37)

Round 4
Waverly defeated Omaha Central 39-33.
Lincoln Pius X defeated Lincoln Northeast 45-24.
Beatrice defeated Norris 60-24.
126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over (BEAT) (For.) 132: Benjamin Garland (BEAT) over Simon Johnson (NORR) (Fall 1:20) 138: Quintin Hartig (BEAT) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (Fall 3:15) 145: Dylan Bassinger (BEAT) over (NORR) (For.) 152: Coleton Williamson (BEAT) over (NORR) (For.) 160: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Sean Pinkerton (BEAT) (Fall 2:33) 170: Zachary Serna (NORR) over Parker Zulauf (BEAT) (Fall 0:52) 182: Jason Stevens (BEAT) over Tyler Pester (NORR) (Fall 3:41) 195: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Zach Markey (BEAT) (Fall 1:45) 220: Jerad Humble (BEAT) over Dylan Meyer (NORR) (Fall 1:19) 285: David Duncan (BEAT) over (NORR) (For.) 106: Tanner York (BEAT) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Drew Arnold (BEAT) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 0:41) 120: Will Reimer (BEAT) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:26)

Round 5
Beatrice defeated Waverly 45-34.
Omaha Central defeated Lincoln Pius X 42-40.
Norris defeated Lincoln Northeast 40-32.
132: Corbin Sindel (LINO) over Simon Johnson (NORR) (Fall 0:16) 138: Preston Mort (LINO) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (TF 16-0 5:05) 145: Chayse Schaub (LINO) over (NORR) (For.) 152: 160: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Christian Schaub (LINO) (MD 10-0) 170: Zachary Serna (NORR) over Wyatt Morgan (LINO) (Fall 3:07) 182: Tyler Pester (NORR) over Riley Chase (LINO) (Fall 1:17) 195: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Anthony Stege (LINO) (Fall 3:10) 220: Dylan Meyer (NORR) over (LINO) (For.) 285: Ethan Goddard (LINO) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (SV-1 3-1) 106: Charles Dungan (LINO) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Treyce Stutzman (NORR) over (LINO) (For.) 120: Ethan Radabaugh (LINO) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:55) 126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over (LINO) (For.)