EMC Duals At Waverly

EMC Duals At Waverly

Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 9:00am to 10:30am
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Great Match Ups!

We competed hard the whole tournament but unfortunately, the dual scores didn't show it. We went 1-7 but gained valuable experience. The Gretna dual was a hard one to swallow but had two great matchups for us. The first being Andrew Harvey rated #4 in class B wrestling Kole Hess from Gretna who is rated number one in class A. It was a great match with a ton of action but Harvey fell in overtime. The highlight match of the tournament was Gavin Eason #1 in class B against Lance Jarret #1 in class A. Eason also fell in sudden victory overtime. To watch these matches make sure and check out our youtube site.


Elkhorn (ELKH) 39.00 Norris (NORR) 24.00
145: Robert Lauby (ELKH) over Tyler Nelson (NORR) (Dec 3-1) 152: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Evan Johnson (ELKH) (Fall 1:27) 160: Josh Schmutz (ELKH) over Zachary Serna (NORR) (Dec 7-3) 170: Cedric Relford (ELKH) over Tyler Pester (NORR) (Dec 13-9) 182: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Alex Byington (ELKH) (Dec 6-1) 195: Dylan Meyer (NORR) over Teyler Phelps (ELKH) (Dec 8-3) 220: Brett Swanson (ELKH) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (Fall 4:46) 285: Beau Morgan (ELKH) over (NORR) (For.) 106: Easton Ladehoff (ELKH) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Brayden Zimmer (ELKH) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Dec 6-5) 120: Jackson Phelps (ELKH) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:22) 126: Clayton Williams (NORR) over Jaxon Vavra (ELKH) (Fall 4:48) 132: Simon Johnson (NORR) over (ELKH) (For.) 138: Brendon Steffes (ELKH) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (Dec 8-5)

Blair (BLAI) 57.00 Norris (NORR) 23.00
138: Hunter McClain (BLAI) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (Fall 1:19) 145: Liam Landauer (BLAI) over Tyler Nelson (NORR) (Fall 1:38) 152: Matthew Harvey (NORR) over Humberto Almanza (BLAI) (Fall 3:20) 160: Zachary Serna (NORR) over Grant Rosenbaum (BLAI) (Fall 2:37) 170: Dalton Lewis (BLAI) over Tyler Pester (NORR) (MD 17-8) 182: Gavin Eason (NORR) over Bill Rasmussen (BLAI) (TF 22-5 4:29) 195: Dylan Meyer (NORR) over Trevor Rutcosky (BLAI) (Fall 5:41) 220: Tommy Thompson (BLAI) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (Fall 5:47) 285: Brady Soukup (BLAI) over (NORR) (For.) 106: Duncan Loges (BLAI) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Jackson Nielsen (BLAI) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 2:36) 120: Hank Frost (BLAI) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 1:03) 126: Walker Moore (BLAI) over Clayton Williams (NORR) (TF 19-2 2:37) 132: Zach Orton (BLAI) over Brandon Stolzer (NORR) (Fall 2:00)

Gretna (GRET) 68.00 Norris (NORR) 0.00
126: Van Schmidt (GRET) over Clayton Williams (NORR) (Fall 3:10) 132: Trevor Fauver (GRET) over Simon Johnson (NORR) (TF 23-8 3:23) 138: Tyler Cunningham (GRET) over Chris Richardson (NORR) (TF 22-6 4:00) 145: Tristan Towey (GRET) over Tyler Nelson (NORR) (MD 11-1) 152: Cole Huss (GRET) over Matthew Harvey (NORR) (SV-1 5-3) 160: Cody Everhart (GRET) over Zachary Serna (NORR) (Fall 2:27) 170: Kobe Everson (GRET) over Tyler Pester (NORR) (MD 12-4) 182: Lance Jarrett (GRET) over Gavin Eason (NORR) (SV-1 5-3) 195: TJ Huber (GRET) over Dylan Meyer (NORR) (Dec 6-3) 220: Connor Fee (GRET) over Dawson Dorn (NORR) (Fall 5:31) 285: Omar Holtan (GRET) over (NORR) (For.) 106: Jaxon Hotovy (GRET) over (NORR) (For.) 113: Dylan Shelden (GRET) over Treyce Stutzman (NORR) (Fall 2:57) 120: Brandon Stalker (GRET) over Caden Stutzman (NORR) (TF 26-11 3:31)