Elkhorn South-EMC

Elkhorn South-EMC

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Final Score: 
W 2-1
Home or Away: 

Norris Titans 2-1 victory over Elkhorn South

The Norris Titans Varsity's offense didn't make it easy on Zach Argo, providing two runs off of Elkhorn South pitching on Thursday, but the Norris Titans Varsity's starter was still able to get the job done. Argo threw seven innings on the way to a win in seven innings.

The Norris Titans Varsity held off Elkhorn South, as Elkhorn South was unable to overcome a two-run fourth inning deficit.

Elkhorn South scored one run in the fifth on a solo home run by Carson Pilkington. Still, Elkhorn South couldn't draw even.

The lead stayed with the Norris Titans Varsity after the third, when they scored one run on an RBI single by Maison Burnley.

Elkhorn South scored its only run of the game on a solo home run by Pilkington in the fifth inning.


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4:30 @ ESHS/Legion Field

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