NMS Summer Reading Program

NMS Summer Reading Program

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 11:15am

NMS Summer Reading Program

Why Summer Reading Pays Off Year-Round

Attention parents: even though summer is almost over, it’s not too late to help your child become a better reader before the new school year begins. Summer is an important time for students to keep reading and improve their language skills. If your child hasn’t been reading regularly this summer, they may be in danger of the “summer slide”—a decline in their reading ability.

Numerous studies indicate that students who don’t read or read infrequently during their summer vacation see their reading abilities stagnate or decline. This effect becomes more pronounced as students get older and advance through the school system. The situation for economically disadvantaged students is especially grim: if students from low-income families don’t read over the summer, they are much more likely to fall behind their more privileged peers, widening the “achievement gap.”

“It’s like if you play an instrument but put it down for three months,” said Laurie Calvert, a teacher who is working as the Director of Teacher Outreach at ED. She wrote an academic thesis on improving summer reading programs at her North Carolina high school. “You’re not going to be as good as a person who continues to play the instrument over those three months.”

However, this “summer slide” can be avoided by ensuring that children are as engaged as possible in whatever they choose to read—just as long as they’re reading every day.

“Anything that keeps students reading works,” Calvert said. “The more engaged you are in the text, the closer you’re going to read it. The closer you read it, the more you comprehend. And that process grows your skill.”

How can the NMS Library help?

1. We have an online eLibrary, available 24/7 for every student.  Our online library includes lots of audiobooks, great for long trips! See your librarian to get an account set up.

2. Check out book trailers at our website.

3. The NMS sponsors a Summer Reading Bingo reading challenge.  Copies of the bingo board are available in the NMS library. Prizes are awarded in the fall to the students with the fullest bingo board.

4. Check out the Lincoln City Libraries Bookmobile Schedule, available here on our site.

Choose to create a summer full of books!  Check out our summer reading program info here