Blizzard Warning Activities Cancellation:

Due to the National Weather Service issued BLIZZARD warning for Saturday, Norris is canceling all school-related activities for Saturday, Feb. 23 and Sunday, Feb. 24.

The Fields of Talent Show Choir Contest for Saturday is canceled.

This includes any activities hosted by community organizations at our schools/facilities.

Plastics, Automation and Robots

Plastics, Automation and Robots

This is an exciting class for students to learn about 3D Computer Aided Manufacturing. Students will be introduced to Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Students will enjoy the opportunity to work with table top CNC lathes and mills. Plastic injection molding will be incorporated as the students design and build a plastic mold using CNC mills. A unit on the fast and growing career field of Mechatronics will be part of the curriculum. Students will use a variety of air cylinders and control valves to build a series of pneumatically controlled systems. Mobile robots are used in the classroom to introduce students to programming the robots to perform a variety of task.