Blizzard Warning Activities Cancellation:

Due to the National Weather Service issued BLIZZARD warning for Saturday, Norris is canceling all school-related activities for Saturday, Feb. 23 and Sunday, Feb. 24.

The Fields of Talent Show Choir Contest for Saturday is canceled.

This includes any activities hosted by community organizations at our schools/facilities.

Engineering Drafting and Design

Engineering Drafting and Design

This is a one semester board drafting course teaching students how to use mechanical drafting equipment.  Students will be required to produce working prints of mechanical objects used in the manufacturing industry.  They will use the mechanical drafting equipment to precisely draw and dimension various views of an object.  Math skills will be utilized by learning basic measuring skills, fraction-decimal conversions, and geometrical construction.  The curriculum teaches skills that can be used throughout a lifetime and the class is recommended for all freshmen. Students will bring home drafting projects to put in their portfolio. Students will be introduced to plastic injection molding, Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining and electromechanical automation.