HS Bulletin




State Baseball @ Haymarket Park - Norris vs. winner of Pius/Omaha Skutt  - 1:00 p.m.

State Track @ Omaha Burke High School

Tennis girls are reminded to turn in their uniforms to the high school office!

Juniors Class Officers:  You are reminded to be at graduation on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.to help hand out programs.

Locker sign-up in the high school office for next year’s sophomores!

Campus Life Worlds of Fun Trip - forms and money due by Friday to the high school office.  

Need to make $$ this summer????  We are looking for a few more workers to fill out our detasseling crew for Sloup / Thorell Detasseling - led by Mr. Rettele and Mr. Hagerman - pick up an information sheet in the Guidance/Career office.

Middle School and High School aged golfers - Are you aware of the Nebraska Golf Association’s program titled "FORE"?  If you are interested in a great opportunity to be able to play on local and statewide golf courses at a subsidized rate = contact Mr. Rettele at Norris MS for information. Email greg.rettele@nsdtitans.org

Announcements concerning technology and student accounts:

Reminder to all students: We will be removing your network accounts over the summer, and adding you back to the network. You will be keeping your same network ID and password, but any files you have on the Z drive will be lost, so we recommend that you make a backup to into your Google Drive prior to the start of the summer. (Most of you no longer use the network drives, but some classes like CAD, Multimedia, etc.. still do.)

All student Google Accounts (Other than Sr’s and other students leaving the district) will remain in place each year.  You will have access to all Google Apps content 24x7 as long as you remain a Norris student. Remember, all content is accessible by school personnel when deemed necessary. Make sure you practice proper digital citizenship and use this account for school purposes only.

Grades 9-12 students will be issued Chromebooks next year. More information will be coming out over the summer concerning the 1-1 program, device protection program, and other important details before the start of the 2017-18 school year.

Students leaving the district:  We will be removing you from the network and removing your Google Apps accounts shortly after school is out.  You may want to visit this help website, for moving data and information out of Google Apps:http://www.norris160.org/resourcesgoogle-apps/leaving-google (There is a link to this page from the Norris Home Page, Google Apps site.)

Early Dismissals:

Friday, May 19, 2017