Now Hiring Full-Time Groundskeeper

Now hiring full-time Groundskeeper, please contact Dave Allder at 402-791-000 ex 2309

Adding News

Adding News

1. Click on "Add Content"

2. Click on "News"

A.  Add Contents - Add a "News Title" and "Story"  The date should already be filled in.

B.  Click on "Categorization"  - Add what category it belongs to.  You must include the "Main Category" and "Grade/School"

C.  Click on "Image"  -  You must include a "Page Image" and IF you want it FEATURED on a homepage, you need to include a "Banner Image"

Use and this template if you're having trouble formatting the photo to fit.

What's the difference between "Page" and "Banner" images?  


D.  Click "Save" at the bottom of the page (This will save your story as a "Draft"

E.  After the story is saved, submit the Story for REVIEW.
Click "Apply" at the top of the Story.